How to Get Rid of Your Junk Car

Need to get rid of your junk car? Whether you’ve had it listed for months with no interest, or you simply need quick cash, knowing how to get rid of your junk car will help you remove that eye-sore quickly without having to worry about getting a bad deal. Contact a junk car removal service to sell your junk car, junk truck, and scrap metal easily, without going through the hassle of listing it online. However, before reaching out, there are a few things you should do to make sure you get the most out of the process. Here’s what you need to know!

Remove All Valuable Items

Before reaching out to a cash-for-car service, take the time to remove any personal possessions and valuable items from the vehicle. Too many people forget this step and realize too late that they forgot to take something out of their vehicle.

Personal items to remove may include
● Umbrellas
● Carseats
● Paperwork (double-check that glovebox)
● Hide-a-keys attached to the vehicle’s frame
● Bumper stickers
● Etc

Once you’ve made sure to remove all of your personal possessions, consider taking time to remove any items of value from the vehicle itself. Such items may include
● The starter motor
● Stereo system
● License plates (front and back if applicable)
● Car battery

Many of these items can be sold individually for more than you’d get from a scrapping service. So try to be thorough.

Complete the Necessary Preparations

Once you’ve removed all valuable possessions from your vehicle, you’ll need to gather all of the necessary paperwork. Depending on your circumstances, you’ll need to provide several different documents.

If you’re selling your own car, you’ll probably need your driver’s license, the vehicle’s registration, and the car’s title. While states like New Jersey and New York don’t legally require you to have the title, individual scrapping businesses may. Therefore, if you have it, it’s a good idea to have it ready.

If you’re selling someone else’s vehicle, such as an out-of-state college kid, or that of a relative who has recently passed away, you’ll need to provide the previously listed information, as well as proof that you are associated with the vehicle’s owner. Talk to the car-removal service ahead of time to identify what paperwork they require. That way, you don’t run into any unforeseen issues during the actual hand-off.

Contact a Cash-for-Junk-Car Service

Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to get rid of your junk car, and shopped around for the best offer, simply contact the cash-for-junk-car service and schedule a time for them to pick up your vehicle. Most of these services offer quick and easy pick-up and will have cash in hand.

Once they arrive, you’ll simply hand over the paperwork keys, receive your payment, and they’ll drive off (or tow) your vehicle.

Selling your car to a junk-car-removal service is a great way to deal with junk cars while simultaneously making some easy money. If you have a scrapper you need to get rid of, consider reaching out to one of these service providers today.
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